Saturday, September 18, 2021

Introduction of Internet of Things Iot

Internet of things introduction 

  • Internet of things iot is emerged as one of the important Technology which is applicable to many fields and this makes it a special the sophisticated and about changing field. The important component such as pervasive computing, sensor networks, embedded computing 

We can define Internet of Things iot

1. Physical device with internet connection
2. Sensor connected network in real time
3. Embedded computing devices

One of the important component is MSME sensors, VLSI chip. VLSI is not important iot but as it is expensive we consider it to be an important component

It should be note keep in mind that power consumption is key factor in designing internet of things sensors. It should be noted that power consumption should be low and design of hardware and software should be as per the consumption and is one of the important criteria in designing the iot

Security and safety is also important point to be note while interconnecting among the network by properly implementing the protocol encryption which we will discuss later.

Examples of Internet of Things iot

1. Consider a case where you are sleeping and you need to catch train 6 in the morning and you set the alarm to ring at 5, you received a message regarding train delay now your smartphone will process the message and will not drink alarm at 5.

2. Consider a case where you go to a place GPS get enabled in the mobile phone and based on location the text is automatically sent with location

3. If a person wears fitness band this device automatically collect health Parameters from the person who wears this band. Information Will be sent to central Processing will be routed to physician. Who in turn will give prescription online

In iot the connection is not between PC, computer, laptops but connected between micro small sensors hence we can say rather than connecting small number of PC laptop in iot we use small devices to transmit and connect and for processing send the signal to central Processing. In iot things is smaller micro devices and is devices are physical presented home , work site

The equation of iot is physical object+ controller, sensor, and actuators + internet

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