Saturday, November 27, 2021

Car and its important parts

What is a car?

Car is machine to help people to move from one place to another with ease. A typical car has four wheels and is powered by an engine, which uses fuel of some kind.

Car Steering wheel moves the wheels to change the car’s direction

Car Wiper cleans dirt off the windshield and gives the driver a clear view of the road ahead

Car Dashboard features controls and instruments, such as the speedometer and the fuel gauge

Car Hood covers the engine

Car Battery powers electrical systems, such as lights and ignition

Car Grille allows air into the radiator, helping to keep the engine cool

Car Engine powers the car’s movement

Car Headlight lights the road at night

Car Fender stops spray and grit flying from off the tires

Car Antenna receives signals for the in-car radio 

Car Trunk can be used to store luggage

Car Window pillar gives strength to the car’s frame

Car Window allows nearly all-around vision from interior

Car Rear light indicates when the car is braking

Car Bumper acts as a cushion against impacts

Car Axle (metal bar) connects the wheels

Car Wheel turns on an axle

Car Door gives the driver and any passengers access to interior

Car Door mirror lets the driver see rear and side


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